house smorgasbord


Kaldmaa (select 3 of each)

Smoked salmon, Pepper Salmon / Honey Salmon, Citrus Roasted trout,

Steamed mussels with cream, Citrus Roasted trout


roast beef, Turkey with peanuts, Gammon,

Morr Sausage, Ribberull / Book ham (cooked / smoked)


Salatmix, The tomato / cucumber salad with feta cheese, potato salad

Pasta Salad with salami, Couscous salad with grilled vegetables and mint


pickles, beets, Mayonnaise, remoulade,

Basil pesto, Balsamisk Vinaigrette, Olive oil, croutons

Hot food (Select 2 of each)

Roasted turkey fillet with bacon and mustard sauce, Pork loin with brown sjysaus, Long Fried roast beef with red wine sauce,

Smørbakt cod with bacon, Citrus oven-roasted salmon with white wine sauce


Havsaltede amandinepotet, Boiled potato, Pastavariasjon, Jasmin / Basmati Ris, Couscous with vegetables


Grilled Balsamic marinated vegetables, Honey Glazed Root Vegetables, Ratatouille, Steamed vegetable mix

steamed grønnsaksmix, Stir fried vegetables

Dessert (select 3)

flan, Mint Marinated fruit salad with custard, Pannacotta with raspberries,

Chocolate cake, Cheese plate with orange marmalade and biscuits, Chocolate mousse with prunes

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