Sights in Trøndelag

Information about sights

Norway's national museum of music and musical instruments. Visit Ringve Museum and see exhibitions from around the world.

Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace has been the target of many a pilgrimages and constitute a large part of the history behind Trondheim.

The Student City Trondheim obviously also has a separate Science Museum at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Let yourself be inspired by Trondheim's Art union.

Trondheim city's own pearl, Munkholmen , also offers swimming opportunities.

Nidaros Cathedral

In the heart of historic Trondheim is the Cathedral and the Erkebispegården. The sagas and history have given Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace a worthy position among Norwegian tourist attractions. At this meeting place is a living shrine, A popular concert venue and a treasured museum.

The Science Museum

The collections, are mainly in scientific and cultural history. In addition to permanent exhibits there are also major and minor short term exhibitions and other events with contemporary themes, as well as ongoing archaeological and natural history research.

Nordenfjeldske Decorative Arts

Historical and contemporary collections of handicrafts & design in glass, silver, outfits, textile, furniture and ceramics in 3 floors.


At Ringve lies Norway's national museum of music and musical collections from around the world.

Museum Erkebispegården

Along with Nidarosdomen, Erkebispegården has a very special place in the history of Norway. From the mid 1100s the area was a spiritual and political center. Erkebispegården was the focal point in the Norwegian church province, which included not only Norway, but also the Faroe Islands, Shetland, Isle of Man, Iceland and Greenland.

Trondheim Artmuseum

Trondheim Artmuseum has the third largest public art collection in norway with an emphasis in Norwegian art from approximately. 1850 and until today.


Rustkammeret as a term stems from the medieval forts and castles. The current Rustkammeret in Trondheim can be traced back to medieval Erkebispegården.

Maritime Museum

Trondheims Maritime Museum exhibits are suitable for big and small. On the ground floor we have created an exhibition about the time of steamships, and the second floor the theme is from the time of sailboats and Trondheim as a center of maritime trading.

Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum

Trøndelag Folk Museum is one of the country's cultural history museums with collections of buildings and objects, archival material and an extensive historical photo archive.


Popular scientific experience center. Over 150 models you can experiment with. For the whole family.

Norwegian Telecom Museum

The Exhibition's main focus is the Trøndelag telecommunications history, from cairns and telegraphs, morsecode and phone, to pagers and mobile phones.


Train museum, Trondheim Tramway and A / S Graakalbanen.


Rockheim national museum of pop and rock in Norway. The museum is responsible for collecting, preserving and disseminating Norwegian popular music from the 1950s to the present day.

The Medieval exhibition

The exhibition tries mainly to recreate life in Trondheim in the Catholic medieval times (from. 1050-1537). Scents and dirt, the visitors have to imagine themselves, in a cityscape that is based on objects and architectural fragments excavated under the streets of Trondheim.


Music and musical venues.

Norwegian Deaf Museum

National Museum for deaf culture and history.

Norwegian Justice Museum

Norwegian Justice Museum is the national museum for the justice sector. A main idea with all communication we operate, is to show how law has always been – and always will be – necessary for society to function. Therefore we tell not only about the past, but also about law and justice in our own time.

Kristiansten Fortress

Kristiansten Fortress from 1681.


Riksregaliene unites national symbols with exquisite jeweler art.

Trøndelag Center for Contemporary Art

Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art (TSSK) is an artistdriven institution in Trondheim. This is the gallery where you can experience art that has not become history. TSSK shows changing exhibitions of contemporary art and its purpose is to show innovative and experimental art.